Kadence Wireframe Kit

A sleek and versatile wireframe library for Kadence users.
We've created this Kadence library to offer professional-grade quality with a neutral and adaptable approach suitable for all kinds of projects. It serves as the foundation to create outstanding online experiences that excel in both appearance and performance across all devices.
This template pack is exclusively designed with Kadence Blocks, so it is essential to have this plugin installed for the templates to function correctly. Without the Kadence Blocks plugin, these templates may not work as intended.

What’s Inside?

Inside the Kadence wireframe kit, find 180+ ready-to-use section templates for everything a website needs. We've got you covered, from cool headers to testimonials and contact forms!
✨ Headers: Make a lasting first impression with striking header designs.
✨ Footers: End your pages elegantly with our stylish footer layouts.
✨ Hero Sections: Instantly engage your visitors with attention-grabbing hero segments.
✨ Team Showcases: Introduce your team professionally with our team display patterns.
✨ Testimonials: Build trust with appealing testimonial sections that speak volumes.
✨ Call to Action: Drive conversions effortlessly with compelling call-to-action elements.
✨ Services: Showcase your offerings effectively with attractive service layouts.
✨ FAQs: Address common queries effortlessly with user-friendly FAQ sections.
✨ Stats: Display your achievements and milestones beautifully with visually appealing stat sections.
✨ Client Logos: Showcase your credibility with sleek client logo displays.
✨ Contact Forms: Encourage interaction with our intuitive and interactive contact forms.
✨ Galleries: Display your portfolio or products magnificently with stunning gallery layouts.
✨ Blog Sections: Keep your audience engaged with elegant blog post designs.
✨ Features: Highlight your product or service features with eye-catching layouts.
✨ Pricing Tables: Present your pricing plans clearly and attractively.


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Why Choose Our Template Kit?

🌟 Effortless Customization: Tailor each section to match your brand effortlessly.
🌟 Mobile-Friendly Designs: Ensures your website looks perfect on all devices and screen sizes.
🌟 Quick Installation: No hassle, no fuss – get started in minutes.
🌟 Time-saving: Save hours of design work and launch your website faster than ever.

Required Plugins

How it work

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  1. Install and activate the EditorsKit plugin like any other plugin from the plugins area in WordPress admin.
  1. Navigate to the page/post where you want to add the template.
  1. Open the templates library by clicking on the button from the top toolbar.
  1. Click on the add a new cloud button.
  1. You will see a list of available template packs there. Click on the “activate button” for the one you have purchased.
  1. Now add the license key that you get after the purchase of the pack and click on activate.
  1. That’s it. Now you can see all the patterns and templates available from this pack in your template library, and you can use them wherever you want.
Try our Templates today and see the difference it can make!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WordPress Template Pack?

A WordPress Template Pack is a collection of pre-designed templates that you can easily import into your WordPress website. These templates are ready to use and can save you time and effort in creating various page layouts.

Are Templates Compatible with My WordPress Theme?

Our templates are designed to work with a wide range of WordPress themes. However, some packs may be optimized for specific themes, which will be mentioned in the product details.

Do I Need to Purchase a 3rd Party Block Plugin?

Yes, some template packs may require the use of third-party block plugins to fully utilize their features. We will provide information on the required plugins in the product details.

Is Support Included with the Purchase?

Yes, we offer support for our Template Packs. You will receive documentation on how to import & use the templates, and our support team is available to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Can I Use the Templates on Multiple Websites?

When you make an individual purchase, you have the flexibility to use the templates on an unlimited number of websites. However, if you subscribe to our “All Access Pass,” the number of websites you can use the templates on will vary depending on the specific plan you choose.

Are Templates Responsive and Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, our templates are designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring they look great on various devices and screen sizes.

Do You Offer Demo Versions of the Templates?

There’s no live demo for the templates, but we include screenshots so you can see how they look before making a purchase.

Can I share these templates with others or resell them?

No, sharing or reselling the templates is not permitted. Your purchase grants you the right to use them for your projects, but redistribution or resale of the templates is strictly prohibited.