Category: Extensions

  • Custom Cursor

    Custom Cursor

    Create custom cursors for your WordPress site with ease. Choose from image or text cursors, and add engaging follow content.

  • Gallery Lightbox

    Gallery Lightbox

    Enhance the gallery block by integrating a lightbox or popup feature, enabling visitors to open and navigate through gallery images in a popup window.

  • Video Lightbox

    Video Lightbox

    Add a lightbox or popup feature to the main video block, allowing visitors to open and play videos in a popup.

  • Link any Block

    Link any Block

    Link any Block” is a powerful WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of the Gutenberg editor by providing a link option to every block.

  • AI Writer

    AI Writer

    Similar to Notion AI, this AI plugin is designed for WordPress. It’s a personal AI writing assistant integrated within Gutenberg. You can use it as needed and feel confident that it remains hidden.